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Struggling to negotiate the stairs safely? The stairs are one of the most dangerous places to fall.  A stairlift or homelift can allow you to safely and independently move between floors to access all rooms in the property without the need to risk negotiating the stairs.  Click on the picture above to explore the options available. 

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The bathroom is one the most common places for individuals to fall. Slippery surfaces and having to balance whilst climbing in and out of the bath can be risky, especially for individuals with balance issues. Difficulties negotiating the side of the bath can make bathing and showering completely inaccessible in many cases, or limit an individual's ability to wash and bathe independently. Click on the picture above to explore the options available.

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Most kitchens have standardised worktop and cupboard heights. For wheelchair users, and for people who struggle to maintain standing positions for long periods, this can make cooking and preparing meals impossible. Explore potential solutions on how you can make your kitchen more accessible and easier to use. Click on the picture above to explore the options available.

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