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Riser recliner beds and chairs help to assist in making transfers easier and safer for individuals who struggle with this activity. Most chairs and beds are set to a standard universal level. When a chair or bed is lower, it demands a greater degree of power, strength, balance and control in order to manage transfers on and off safely. 

By utilising a specially tailored and fitted riser recliner chair, an electric motor helps to bring the individual up into a semi standing position, thus making the process much easier and safer. Likewise with the riser recliner beds, the height of the bed can be adjusted and raised to allow easier and safer transfers on and off. The riser recliner bed also comes with remote control in order to allow adjustments to the lying position, allowing for upright sitting and a knee break to eliminate the risk of sliding down in the bed in upright sitting.  

Following a direct referral from Habitable Limited, a local Accora representative will be able to come out to your home to complete an assessment, take measurements and ensure that any bed or chair meets your needs, and fits within the environment and space. You will have the opportunity to see how the chair looks and feels in the space, and you will have the opportunity to try it to make sure it's comfortable and you know how to use it safely before committing to purchase. 

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