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  • Welcome to Habitable Limited's Access Solutions page. 

  • Many people take for granted their ability to leave and enter their own property, however this threshold is often challenging or even impossible to negotiate for individuals with reduced mobility or disability. 

  • We have partnered with two leading UK companies to offer our clients a wide range of high quality solutions  to improve the ease and safety when negotiating the threshold to their home. 

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One of the simplest and effective solutions to minimise the risk of falls when leaving and entering your property is to install an appropriate handrail to provide additional support. These can either be placed on either side for any access doors which open inwards. However in the event that you have any issues using either hand to hold onto the rails, it is recommended to have a rail on both sides, so that the non affected side can be used to support when both entering and exiting the property.  If your property has a door which opens outwards, we recommend placing a handrail on the side which isn't being blocked by the open door, as long as you can use either hand to grip the rail so that you are supported when entering and exiting the property.

Simplified Building provide a range of exterior handrails manufactured from galvanised steel, available for purchase online and delivered nationwide. They provide a number of different styles of handrail kits to provide a range of different exterior access solutions, including floor mounted handrails, wall to floor rails and wall to wall mounted handrails. Each of these can offer a more appropriate solution depending on the individual, and the threshold which needs to be negotiated. 

The handrail kits are simple and easy to install, can be tailored in size, height and depth in order to provide a personalised solution to any external layout. The handrail kits are good quality, designed to be long lasting and weather resistant, and the company offer great customer service. 

As with all our partners, Habitable Limited are able to help provide you with advice and recommendations, as well as secure the best possible price for any handrail you choose. However Simplified Building offer consultations directly to support you in creating a bespoke solution for your needs.

Click on the link below to explore the company's website and full range of external handrail solutions. Contact Habitable Limited if you need any further advise and support, or would like to place an order. 

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Enable Access are a market leading UK manufacturer of ramps and home accessibility products. The company can serve the whole of the UK, and leads the way in innovation and design. 

Enable Access offer the largest range of mobility products in the world, and therefore are able to offer a vast range of access solutions from traditional ramps to new, market leading technologies. 

We have partnered with Enable Access because we believe they provide exceptionally good quality and practical access solutions, built to last and provide solutions for almost any home threshold. Order directly through Habitable Limited and you can even save some money on these incredible products.  

Contact us for further advice and support in selecting the right product for you and your home. Alternatively, click here to explore the Enable Access ramp specifier guide below to help you select the most appropriate product.

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