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Welcome to our Adapted Bathroom page. The bathroom is one the rooms where falls and accidents are most likely to occur. Negotiating transfers in and out of a bath or shower when surfaces are slippery and wet can be dangerous for those with functional limitations. A new bathroom design, level access showers and specialist grip flooring can all help to reduce these risks. 
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Companion Bathing offers a range of accessible bathing options from wet rooms to walk in baths. If you are looking for a company to provide you with a quality bathroom designed to meet your current and long term needs in your own home, feel free to allow us to refer you directly for your free no obligation home visit. 

Contact us using the form at the bottom of the page if you want a Companion representative to attend your home to discuss your needs and current challenges, and discuss your new bathroom. Habitable Limited will be able to return up to 10% of the cost of your new Companion wet room/bathroom suite following successful installation. 

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AKW are the leaders in offering cutting edge products and advice to ensure accessibility, design excellence and reliability for flexible modern living. Whether it is robust wet room solutions, or ingenious smart electric showers, their solutions are also cost effective, delivered by their own dedicated service, and quick and easy to install to ensure they always exceed the expectations of both end users and contractors.


They provide:

  • A comprehensive range of over 4000 beautifully designed, long lasting products;

  • Tailored advice backed by years of experience;

  • Industry leading adapted living solutions;

  • Flexible, cost effective equipment;

  • Reliable mobility support aids for maximum independence and improved quality of life;

  • Regulatory compliance.

If you are interested in having an AKW representative visit you to discuss your needs, contact Habitable Limited on the form below. As a partner of AKW we can secure you savings on a range of bathroom fixtures and fittings. 

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