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Habitable Limited provides a range of solutions to support and promote independence, improve safety and reduce the risk of falls and serious injury within the home. We are a Therapy led, online service, providing a holistic and multi factorial approach to provide tailored solutions to support our clients.  Whilst falls in the home become more common as we age, there are many factors within our control which can significantly minimise these.  In these unprecedented times it's becoming more important to be proactive about mitigating these risks.

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  • According to NHS Statistics, 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 experiences a fall every year. 

  • Falls in the home account for the most common reason an ambulance is called in the UK. 

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Fast access to support and tailored recommendations to meet your needs  

  • Habitable Limited provides clients with fast access to remote assessments, professional advice and tailored, multi-factorial recommendations & interventions to meet their individual needs.   

  • Waiting times for Social Service assessments and NHS Physiotherapy can exceed many months. Faster access to support, appropriate rehabilitation, equipment and adaptations can minimise the risk of falls and injury. 

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NHS & Social Care  Pressures 

  • Waiting times for Ambulance and hospital services continue to rise due to excessive pressures on the service and ongoing strike action. 

  • Waiting times for elective surgical procedures have also increased, leaving patients waiting longer with conditions which impact their mobility and function.  

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We work with partners who are market leaders in their specialty 

  • Habitable Limited has partnered with a range of leading UK suppliers in their field. Our clients can access a whole range of potential products, adaptations and solutions  to help support their independence and reduce risk of falls and injury all in one place. 

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  • Research evidence consistently shows that the incidence of falls can be reduced with exercise, and modifying the environment to reduce the risk. Check out a recent published review of the research here.

  • Circumstances which cause falls are multi factorial in nature, and Habitable Limited provides a holistic, multi factorial approach to solutions. 

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Save money on home adaptations and equipment

  • Habitable Limited is able to secure our clients savings on a range of home adaptations and equipment thanks to our ability to provide repeat custom. 

  • Having the right interventions within your home can minimise your reliance on expensive and costly home care costs, and even delay the need to move into residential care homes. 


Habitable Limited aim to provide you with a range of solutions to suit your personal preference, budget and needs all under one roof. We can support you to navigate the home independence market by providing you with impartial, therapist led advice and support to help you make the right decisions for you. Making the right decisions in the longer term can help you future proof your home and future independence and quality of life. Habitable Limited even help you to finance the interventions you need by working with partner companies to secure you financial savings.  

Working Out at Home

If you decide you want to work on your own physical function, balance, strength and conditioning to improve your home independence and reduce your risk of falls, our Chartered Physiotherapist can complete a virtual online assessment and create a tailored programme of exercises to help you achieve these goals. This programme can be reviewed, adapted and progressed in order to help you meet your rehabilitation goals. 

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With an ever increasing proportion of the UK population aged over 65, the market for home equipment and mobility aids has become extensive. Habitable Limited can offer advice and recommendations on the basis of your personal circumstances, as well as offering discounted rates by sourcing equipment from our supplier partners. We have partnered with leading UK companies who provide outstanding quality products and services. 

Home adaptations can help support an individual's independence and allows them to remain in their own home for longer. Habitable have partnered with suppliers of stair lifts, accessible bathrooms and kitchens to provide longer term solutions for individuals who want to adapt and modify their homes. These solutions are ideal for those who want to remain in their own home, but who live with long term medical conditions, have limited rehabilitation potential, and for whom equipment cannot provide a suitable solution.  


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My name is Alistair and I am a Chartered Physiotherapist. I completed my MSc Physiotherapy degree at the University of East Anglia from 2013-2015, and since graduation I have worked across a number of different areas of Physiotherapy. Immediately after graduating I started working as a junior band 5 Physiotherapist, gaining valuable experience and grounding across a range of specialisms including Musculoskeletal Outpatients, Respiratory, General medicine, Vascular surgery, Orthopaedics and Outpatient Geriatrics. 


I eventually decided to specialise in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and worked in a number of roles within the NHS and private practice, in outpatient clinic and community settings, and more recently as a result of COVID, providing Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services virtually online and via phone consultations. 


However it was the experience of a family member which sparked an interest in the crisis surrounding NHS waiting lists and social care. When a family member experienced a fall in the home, she was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with a fractured hip. Following her hip replacement surgery and discharge home, she struggled to access timely and essential community rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy services. Due to her financial position she wasn't entitled to apply for a Disabled Facilities grant to adapt her home. Thankfully I was able to use my expertise and knowledge to support her physical recovery, as well as arrange equipment and adaptations to help her remain in her own home. As a staunchly independent woman, she was adamant she never wanted to move from the home she had lived in for over 30 years. 


Throughout my work as a Physiotherapist, and in my role working for a local council in their independent living service, I realised this was an all too common situation for many people across the country. It was at this point that I decided I wanted to provide a service to help address this nationwide problem. The current and ever growing crisis with A & E waiting times and ambulance services has made it increasingly more important to put in place interventions to minimise and reduce the risks of falls within the home. 





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I contacted Habitable after I was discharged from hospital following my hip replacement. I was advised by the NHS that unfortunately I would be on the waiting list for a Physiotherapist for many weeks. As I don't drive, it would also be a struggle to get to my appointments. In the end I decided to go private as felt I had no choice. I’ve had 3 sessions with Alistair so far, and he’s a very patient and knowledgeable Physio. He’s definitely got me moving in the right direction now and his encouragement and reassurance has helped me to push myself further than I’d have dared to on my own - I’ve progressed from walking with a zimmer frame to just using one crutch, and I'm working hard to progress further. I’d highly recommend his Physio skills - thank you Alistair.

Antony, Bury 

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